RC Quartiere Italiano, Moscow 2017

Classic style apartment with author’s view

Object: apartment 70 sq m 
Location: Moscow, Russia 
Stage: implemented 
Photographer: Viktor Chernyshov

The apartment was created for lovers of classic style. A small size and complex elongated floor plan didn't prevent us to divide the guest and private zones for the owners and keep the reference to their favorite style, without overburdening the space. Even with a small size of apartment it was possible to place two bathrooms and technical room with a laundry area, as well as a normal dressing room at the entrance to the bedroom.

Soft golden shades added cosiness to the dining area and highlighted the bright kitchen, panels of aged mirrors widened the narrow hallway, and the custom-designed entrance group of cherrywood emphasized general style of the interior.

On the other hand, the private area with bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, is made in cooler colors with calm elegance. The main themes are the contrast of white and purple, an emphasis on textiles, light floral ornament and smooth lines. Wardrobes and stained-glass cabinets in the bathroom are also custom-made by author's drawings. The apartment is equipped with a "smart home"and built-in audio systems. Special care was taken to decorating of this object to achieve a harmonious interior until "the last serviette".